Thursday, July 18, 2013

07/05 Shrine next door.

I just realized there was a beautiful wide Shrine hidden a few steps away from home.
New favorite place: Found!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

07/10 Ramadan has come~! (^____^)

Hi guys! 

Finally comes Ramadan time! 

That's my favorite time of the year, and that reminds me so much of Malaysia (that I can't wait to see again!)

Since the time I arrived in Japan that country has been like heaven on earth to me, a second home town! I'm really blessed I got "adopted" : )

Come to think of it, the girl thanks to who everything began, who is by the way the first Malaysian I met in my life! This girl Hannah, I met during my first fasting in Japan, so this is definitely an awesome-full-of-blessings months.

But we have work to do, we can't only receive, we also have to give back! And this is the exact time for it.

"Let's try to be a better person"

Mode = 
Mission =
Staaaaaaart : D

  رمضان كريم ...الله يتقبل مني ومنكم 

                                                            Bye for now!

And....Yes, so many things happened recently, and so many things to tell you...
So I'm gonna make those lines the Movie's "Comiiiiing next" :D
Sure you'll enjoy it!
Just wait a bit! :D

Wednesday, July 3, 2013