Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11/26 The (Japanese) city that never sleeps.

Hi there!

What have you been up to recently?
As for me, I'm just everyday having exciting home-office-home round trips : )

That, as boring as it sounds, make me go back and forth thru the beautiful city Shibuya is.
 I was thus thinking,
the fact you see something (you do, or you just know you'll always be able to) shouldn't make
you forget how outstanding it is, and that some people have to come from faaaar away to be
able to do so (something I forgot to do with Paris maybe....).

So, now frankly speaking,

Shibuya is better that New York. What "No"? Whay "Don't you say that"?
No-Yes-Come on I say-what-I-wanna-say "What What""Okay bring it on"
"Don't You daaaare"

Haha, Okay, no, seriously I mean It.
Shibuya is the noise's nirvana. The sleeping pills' hell. And it's just so cool.
In a childish way.

It's just "Oh, Ah, Eee" All around (The last Eee is the Japanese one indeed ^___^)

Here you have an update version of a drawing I've did before, with some variations :D

If you have sometime free between 2 and 3am, just feel free to visit the crossing,
 It would be as agitated as a 2-3pm ^_^

Bye for now, and until soon,

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013

11/06 HarajuNku (lol)

Quick portrait of a girl in Harajuku.

I'm growing older, but I still love that place. It's like going to Alien's district to me : )

10/04 Unemployment rates in Japan?

Something you can't ignore living in / coming to Japan:

"Come on, that's not useless, that's a way of lowering the unemployment." 
One could say.

But, come on, seriously...
You DO NOT need Ten people in line indicating you that you have to take the escalator which obviously goes up if you wanna go up, 
and the one which obviously goes down 
if you wanna go 

As you probably will be happy with, but certainly won't ABSOLUTELY NEED
 Twenty people thanking you for buying a Croissant.

That's a chance we're not required to reply back each one of them with a highly long Japanese "You're welcome"
: )

-"One piece of bread please"
-"Here you are"

Sunday, November 3, 2013

11/05 Off Tokyo, to the Sea.

Those times you need to go off to explore new horizons.
Brace yourselves, we're off to the sea!
356 km of Awesome.

Action Plan

The Sky is spotting you out :)


Nice! (Nice, France would work too :D)

"What, If you may open the window??"

132 km South, 329 m High.

We let our bikes make new friends too =)

Just wanna diVe now...(don't get me wrong! lol)

Yes blessings and so on, blabla, yup got it...


Meeting up the BBJ =D
(the Biggest Buddha in Japan)

"Fire in the hole!" (Oups bad joke ^_^')

Such a big family! A bit cold but yet cute :D

Avatar origins.

You should go see the doctor guys.

(Best Road Ever!)


I'm blue (Dabedidabedah! Got it?)

You know what? Fuck parkings.

-"I'm afraid we only do whales"
-"...Wait What?"

-"Then I'll have this 200 Yen...Evil Snail?"

-"Or this Level 2 Straight coming from Hell's bottom, 
Satan's favorite Crustacean. Really looks delicious"

Friends are gone.

News Friends again.

When you see it O-MochiG (find the pun =D)

Japanese delicatessen ^_^

"You shall not pass" Said the Fan-Boy-Tree.

Cheap Ship

Mission: Completed.

Now I have an excuse for not speaking =D

Fiou, the morning face!

Mornin' Baby!

Here we go again!

WTH with this picture!

I'll dive for you baby, stay dry!

Public Baths :D

Can we stay here forever?
Of course not! Here we go again!

safe : )