Monday, April 30, 2012

04/29 Zombie apocalypse: every night in Japan

Yesterday, on my way back home, as always, I met up with the ''non-walking dead''.

            Japan might be the one and only country in the world where all the population is knocked out, lying down on the street from 8pm till the morning, sometimes on weekends, sometimes not. The addition is quite easy: people who can't-obviously- drink alcohol, but who like to do so, mixed up with a strong confidence in the safety of their streets, equal: people drunk here and there, down the stairs, on the road, up the pavements...Looking like the most realistic ''so so clean'' apocalypse scene ever.
             Back home cycling, among other dead corpses I saw this guy, who seemed in a far worst shape than the others as for the position he was taking, near by his skateboard. I tried to wake him up, he replied me ''everything was fine'' and he ''just wanna to sleep... in this position''.
So if he was, I assumed everyone else was doing great.

            On weekends, and according to the place you're in, you can see far more epic: (under age?) highly fancy ''Shibuya-Girls'', Salarymans, orphan bags, portables in the middle of the streets, people vomiting... In brief, loads of fun which I advise you  not to miss while visiting Tokyo, and the beautiful and litterally ''dark side'' of its night life.

           And as always, the same question remains:
           TOKYOIST what the hell is wrong with you? :-)


Monday, April 23, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012






Certains garçons donnent des réponses idiotes aux questions idiotes, d'autres mentent pour rassurer les filles, le résultat est le même, entre les deux la magie de l'Intelligence Artificielle.

        Recently suicides have been dramatically increasing on the Japanese subway. And even someone like me preferring riding her bicycle under the rain with a 39 degrees fever three days in a row rather than taking the subway 3 stations, realized that.
       Yeah, and tell me about the subway in Japan when it's raining! People riding with their dripping wet umbrellas pressed against you, dirty wet floor preventing you for putting your bag down, making you slip like a figure skater in front of the car doors when you run to catch up the train. To be short and sweet: The mother of the awake nightmare.

But let's call off this rainy topic and get back to our suicide one way more upbeat.
Two days ago, riding the JR, our train was, at 8am, once again stopped. Facing me a couple:

     Train announcement: The train you're riding is now stopped due to a personal injury, we                                                appreciate your understanding.
     The girl facing me: No way! A suicide??
     Her boyfriend: Don't worry they surely mean a signal failure...!

They both made my day.


        El 3icha fil bled hedhi fiha el behi wel 5ayeb, ki l'train elli enta rekeb fih ywalli 9itar el ro3b w yarja3 irafess fil a3bed ta7t a3jelli3, enta tebda t5amem lwech jit fi hedhi el bled el mehboula =D

Ama bara barka, kollou sport kima i 9oulou, w yelzmou el 3abed kima el train: dima mechi.
Men kothr a3ded elli 7awlou yenta7rou, wallet el nes tekdheb 3ala ba3adh'ha.
Methelen, ot el berra7 9odemi we9fin couple, w hahou sha7keou:

   ...إعلان بالقطار: بسبب إنتحار سنوقف القطار لمدةٍ غير محددةٍ

  !! الامرة اممي: يا الله! إنتحار

!  زوجها : ﻻ! بس انقطعت الاشارت الضوئية

3amjed? Ta7ki bjedek ya beni  Adam ? Fi belek biha tarcha el tofla? =)
Dha7kouni el marek!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/10 方向音痴の私のコギながらの冒険~!




04/01 I bet that was the wind...

...or maybe not.

Ok this was neither the more likely-to-be-true explanation I had...

...nor than the most credible, but still this country is wicked afterall : ) 

For the record the little story is that I recently put my underwear on the balcony, and didn't found It back again (way before the taifu comes =) ). I thought that it might have been blown with the wind, but detective Conan (a friend of mine) just showed up and told me Happosai-sama was behind all this.
If only I had the pleasure to meet him that would have been worth tons of underwears =^)

One more time being in Japan allows you-by means of some slightly ''surprising'' experiences- to be deeply commited in living your otaku life.Cannot say that's a good thing 'tho. =)
No further explanations needed.

Monday, April 2, 2012

03/25 日本設備の楽さ :)

I moved out, moved in. But one thing I'll still enjoy and find so fascinating is the Japanese lighting =)