Réalisations vidéo.

Les Espoirs de L'Animation.

       Here is a link for Cosmo prout an animation I made with friends. That was for the French TV channel Canal J, for a contest called "Les espoirs de l'animation" . First we weren't so proud of this as we had to care about many conditions to fit Tv's requirements, so we weren't completely free. But we had loads of fun doing it anyway =)
     As that was a contest between all the French schools of animation, kids (but not exclusively ;) ) were supposed to vote for their favorite animation (they could see it on TV or directly on Canal J's website). We didn't won the competition, but we nonetheless were elected as best animation in our school! =) (cf. Lagardere's press release ) Even if I really don't think we were the best...But thank you kids anyway!

Diplôme 2009 Estienne.


Film Baby Boom. Réalisé avec 3Dsmax, After Effects, Photopshop et Premiere.

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