Saturday, August 25, 2018

Aug. 25th In the Philippines, again :o)

En direct des Philippines!  
Live from the Philippines! 
مباشرة من الفلبين! 

As almost every year now I'm spending my summer in the Philippines. The wifi is so proud of himself he doesn't even let us see him, he's literally nowhere to be found lol. Like seriously I'm weaned from my internet addiction! XD

But as I can't use my computer I've drawn this with my comics but it looks terrible lol, I have to wean myself from computers now lol! That'll be for next time maybe...

Hope you loved your summer
Love ya all, if anybody is reading this :-)

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Aug. 18th Mama's honey

Who's mama's honey?
 Qui c'est le chéri de maman? 
من هو حبيب ماما؟ 
😍 😘😅

Friday, August 10, 2018

Aug 11th. Good Bye Y. Adieu Y.

Hello everybody,

It's been a while isn't it.
I'm sorry I come here only when I need it, not when I should.
Last week one of my good friends passed away. Y.
He was 26.
He died in a car accident in which he wasn't even at fault.
He got crushed, literally, by a truck who's driver was asleep, or texting. He didn't say. The driver in question just said he "didn't realize", he didn't realize he was going full speed toward a stationary car, a car stopped due to a traffic jam. He didn't all the traffic jam. That's hat he said.

The day after we went to Y.'s funeral. When we entered the enormous room I felt overwhelmed. The room was full of white flowers arranged in beautiful patterns. In the middle, a huge picture of Y., half smiling, as always.

Y. was this cold blooded, cynical, hilarious, comical, witted boy. He always had a rictus on his face when he commented on things, and always had a ironical and derisive but still very accurate remark to make.

The last time I met Y. was at Soso's 1st year birthday party, where Shun me and Y. promised each other to have dinner together anytime soon, as we didn't have the chance to talk as we wished we could that day.

Since then I feel like an empty shell. The day of his funeral, I couldn't stop my tears and couldn't wipe then away as I was holding sleeping Solo in my arms.

In front of his coffin I was thinking: "So, that's it? That's how people go? As simply as that? On the road to work? That's how people leave? Without a goodbye? Without a speech? Without a second chance? As simple as that?"

I couldn't stand seeing his pale face in the coffin, that wasn't him, that couldn't be him! Under that think white make up, that's just an empty carcass, no way it is our friend.

His mother told us that his body down his knees was gone, smashed, ripped, and that they had a hard time concealing his face's wounds under the make up.

Then we went back home.

And I've been dreaming of Y. since then, everyday. I'm talking to him, every night. I don't know if I'm  still sane or not, but it seems that there's maybe more to him than just being dead.
Maybe he just has been downloaded to another layer of this same world.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 15th. Soso's First Birthday

 Soso’s first bday... Yes he cried
 Le 1er anniv’ de Soso, oui il a pleuré 
 أول عيد ميلاد لصوصو...نعم بكى
 🎁 😭 😅

Ps: Soso's Bday was actually on July the 8th, 
but with the party and everything I didn't even find the time to breath lol ^^"

Sunday, July 8, 2018

July 8th. The threat called Soso !

Soso is growing so big now, he's crawling all over the place and he seems to love chaos and disorder... so we must take actions haha!

Soso la menace   
The threat called Soso 
صوصو الخطير

I've heard cats do the same... I'ld love to see a "Soso VS a random Cat" Chaos Competition lol!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 1st. The gift from Kenya

I've been wondering for a long time in which language I should write my comics.

And I've decided to write all 4 languages, all together! :-)

So I'll be posting my 4 languages comics here, hoping you traveller of the internet, will like them.

This one is "The gift from Kenya"

 The Gift from Kenya 🇰🇪  
Le Cadeau du Kenya  
هدية من كينيا 

Ps: I'm committed to draw only true (that actually happened), comical (light) stories ;-)



Sunday, May 21, 2017

5/21 Au mauvais endroit au meilleur moment

J’ai la gorge qui me démange toujours,
Ça doit être mon manque d’amour...
Mais non ça n’a rien à voir!
Je me dis ça tous les soirs.
Mais je préfères quand tu m’enlaces,
C’est plus facile, plus efficace,
Que cette tristesse si tenace,
Que ce coeur rempli de crasse,
Que cette sentence qui me dépèce, qui me dépasse,
Qui me rabaisse, qui me menace,
Qui se dépêche de me voir lasse.
J'ai la gorge qui me démange sans fin,

Mais ça doit juste être mon chagrin.