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This is the section gathering all the things you probably do not need to know about, but that you do read because you're nice (and you perhaps need to waste time during your lunch break)... ; )

Korea, Seoul, with handsome policemen, march 2011.
Brief personal information:

First name: Olfa
Full : Berhouma Khannoussi (but you don't really need to go this far in knowing me ; ) )
Age: 27. But I just turned this old! :D
Occupation: Computer graphics.
                    (3D/CG Animation, Graphic design, Illustration.)

Radically shortened CV:

       2005> Art A level, in Literature majoring in Fine arts 93130 France.
       2006> Preparatory Fine Art class in 94220 France.
       2007> Preparatory class in Graphic design, Estienne Art School, Paris 75013 France.

       2008/2009> 3D Animation Diploma, Estienne Art School, Paris 75013 France.
       2010> Master in Cinema and audiovisual studies, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, 75005 Paris, France.
       2010/10> Winner of the Japanese Speech Contest 日本語スピーチコンテストof Keio University, 三田キャンパス Mita campus.
       2010> Researcher at 慶應義塾大学 KEIO as a Cinema research student, Tokyo, Japan.
       Since September 2012: Employee at E-com 高田馬場.
       September 2013: One year at my Company! I became a 先輩 ^_^

       **Planning to Launch my own business on December 2013!**


       Softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, Excel.
                        3DS Max, Maya, Solidworks.
Languages spoken:

        French, Arabic: Mother tongues.
        Japanese: Business level (N2)
        English: Fluent/Business.
        Spanish: Conversational.
        Bahasa Melayu, LSF: Beginner.

Club, Groups, Circles:

        June 2008: Volunteer for the French association "Le voyage pour la paix". Kids leader and Arabic-French-English Interpreter for a group of 20 people from Israel and the Palestinian Territories. In Paris, France.

        June 2009: Volunteer for the French association "Le voyage pour la paix". Kids leader and Arabic-French-English Interpreter for a group of 20 people from the Palestinian Territories and Israel. In Paris, France.

        August 2009: Volunteer with the French association Jeunesse et Reconstruction. In Megumi no Sono Dai2. Center for disabled people, daily care for people with mental or motor permanent disability. In Izu Oshima Island, Japan.   

        June 2010: Volunteer for the French association "Le voyage pour la paix". Kids leader and Arabic-French-English Interpreter for a group of 30 people from French Islands, Jordan, Morrocco, Hong Kong, Poland, Israel, the Palestinian Territories, Lebanon. In Paris, France.

        August 2011: Volunteer with the French association Jeunesse et Reconstruction in Fatimatuzzahro Orphenage. Orphans care. Daily assistance, cultural and educational event organisation. In Semarang, Indonesia.

        September 2011: Volunteer with the Japanese association Peace Boat, in the disastred area after the "Great Earthquake" occured on march 11th, 2011. Manual work, personal care and assistance. In Ishinomaki, Miyagi prefecture.

        Since 2011: Member of the Keio Formula 1 Club, 3D mechanic conception, Kart Driving, Yokohama, Japan.

Internships/ part time jobs:

        March to August 2008: Internship at Ginette production Studios. 3D-2D Animation: Modeling,                 rendering, texturing. (Maya) . Illustration. Character design, coloring (Photoshop) . Video Editing and Video clip post production (After Effects). In Montreuil, France.

        March to August 2010: Internship at Pixel Graff Animation. 3D Animation (Maya), Children's books Illustrations (Photoshop). Character Design. In La Courneuve, France.

        September to March 2010: Waitress at Denny's Restaurant. In Musashikosugi, Japan.

        March 2011: French-English-Japanese Interpreter for ANA (All Nippon Airways). In Narita International Airport, Japan. 

        September to March 2011: KEIO Formula One, Karting Engineering club, 3D modeling (Solidworks 2011.) Hiyoshi, Japan.

Long time traveling, Oversea staying:

       Belgium (Brussels), Tunisia (Tunis), Japan (Tokyo), Palestinian territories (Nablus), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Singapore, Korea (Seoul), Indonesia (Semarang), SriLanka (Colombo), Turkey (Izmir (probably the place I'll die in - in a positive way!))


         Aikido, Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Hiking, Swimming, Motor bike sports.

Living philosophy: 

         I like this saying pretty much. ''Do not see other people as strangers, but see them as friends you just still haven't met yet''. 社交敵に結構前向きな諺なのですが...
        There's a Japanese saying I also do like very much, as follows: ''The frog deeps in its own well's water, knows nothing about the high sea.'' (''井の中の蛙大海を知らず)
        So I'm just living my life trying not to be this frog (frog is a nice animal tho, but that's not the point)...

and...Eat the dessert first!


           Personnal E-mail: Berhoumaolfa@gmail.com
           University related E-mail: Over! 
           Japanese cellphone E-mail : /
           Japanese cellphone number : (0081) 80 9409 8910


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