Sunday, May 21, 2017

5/21 Au mauvais endroit au meilleur moment

J’ai la gorge qui me démange toujours,
Ça doit être mon manque d’amour...
Mais non ça n’a rien à voir!
Je me dis ça tous les soirs.
Mais je préfères quand tu m’enlaces,
C’est plus facile, plus efficace,
Que cette tristesse si tenace,
Que ce coeur rempli de crasse,
Que cette sentence qui me dépèce, qui me dépasse,
Qui me rabaisse, qui me menace,
Qui se dépêche de me voir lasse.
J'ai la gorge qui me démange sans fin,

Mais ça doit juste être mon chagrin.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

11/15 DAY 2: Riverboating on the Kumano river, Wakayama.

First thing, we got the chance to riverboat down the magnificent Kumano river, our guide, storyteller as well as flute player guided us through this no-bridge river which goes all the way from Shingu to Hongu.

Nous avons d'abord eu la chance de faire un tour en chaloupe sur la rivière Kumano, guidée par celle qui ne sera pas seulement notre guide mais aussi notre conteuse et notre joueuse de flûte!

We've listened and been enchanted by her emperors and empresses stories and by the flute she played. We even had a break in the middle of the trip to meet up with the nature down the road! Such a lovely and unforgetable experience

Accompagning us to the boat, as back to the good old times

Starting the ride

Listening to the guide's storytelling

That small boat's captain was, 96 years old according to what I've heard! As genki-funky as can be :) 
Meeting with the rocks half way!

Just climbed onto it!

The lovely scenery around

Playing flute half way, surrounded by calm and quiet nature

11/15 DAY 1: Discovering the fantastic Shingu, prefecture of Wakayama.

Have you ever visited the cities of Kumano and Shingu, in the prefecture of Wakayama?

Recently, an Australian girl originally from Taiwan and I, have had the chance to participate in a project aiming at conveying the power and the importance of that region abroad. The first step was to discover the region ourselves! 
we started off with the city of Shingu, where temples are closely linked to the city and are part of everyone's lives.

We first had to take the plane from Haneda airport, Tokyo, to Nanki-shirahama airport in Wakayama. No need to say I've had to run the marathon to catch up my plane at 8am at Haneda airport when the day before it took me until late in the evening to be able to leave work. Good thing we were all travelling light! For the anecdote, I wasn't even aware at that time, but I was already 2 months pregnant... :o) And you'll see that running all the way from my bed to the plane's gate wasn't the only adventurous move we made through the trip! 

On the way to Shingu, beautiful and promising sceneries.  
After arriving to Wakayama by plane, we rode a car until our final destination: Shingu.

The tourist office of Shigu
Our very first step! A very friendly staff who will help you with almost anything! :)
Find them here: 
6 Ukijima, Shingū-shi, Wakayama-ken 647-0014, Japan

 A break in the middle of our ascension to Kamikura-jinja Shrine
We've got a very friendly guide following us through the 538 (nobody knows) steps to Kamikura-jinja Shrine. Luckily nobody felt off the stairs! (We heard that it happened a few times in the past...)

Kamikura-jinja Shrine and the Gotobiki-iwa Rock

Up the stairs, you'll reach the imposing Gotobiki-iwa Rock, where the Gods of Kumano are supposed to have first stepped.

Amazing view on Wakayama from Kamikura-jinja Shrine

Going down, surprisingly harder than going up! (well, not this flat part, the sloped next part!)

Praying at the Kumano Hayatama-taisha Grand Shrine

We then reached our second destination, the Kumano Hayatama-taisha Grand Shrine, which was Grand indeed! The place was beautiful and so relaxing.  
In front of the Asuka-jinja Shrine
We then went on to visit the Asuka-jinja Shrine. On of the smallest shrines but also one of the most important one! I was the very first temple in the region linking all the others together. It also newly , in 2016, became part of the World Heritage 'Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range'. It's particularity is that you don't need to wander the mountain to find, it's right there, in the middle of the city!

If you're interested about the Shrines and how to access them, find all the information about the Shrines described above in French at :

We helped translate and write the above website with the team in charge of Kumano's tourism, so don't hesitate to check it out!

The restaurant Nomikuidokoro Kichi
And as we did nothing but eat, we ended up here first: At the restaurant Nomikuidokoro Kichi. We were so tired we just eat all that delicious food in no time.

The delicious mix of Japanese food, Occidental food, and the chef's specials!
With the owner and chef of Nagomiba Kuishinbo
We then went on to the restaurant Nagomiba Kuishinbo, which owner was extremely knowledgeable about alcohols and their mariage with different food. More info about Kuishinbo at

With the lovely couple managing the DAYZYLAW CAFÉ
We finally finished our evening at the DAYZYLAW CAFÉ, managed by a very nice couple who used to live in Australia. The restaurant is an original and stylish mix of Japanese and Australian dished. The whole in restaurant with a very pop and natural atmosphere! More info about DAYZYLAW CAFÉ at

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2/15 Australia, Sydney

Hi everyone!

I'm back, half for myself, half because I must.
The last months of 2016 have been, I have to say, pretty messed up I have to say. Never in my life I have felt so lost, and paradoxically this was maybe due to the quantity of choices I had back then.
I am the kind of person who can't walk on a straight, worst, I'm the kind person who wouldn't be able to have the luxury or being able to freely decide on either to go let or right. Unfortunately I'm that kind of person who needs a wall, a big thick wall in the middle of my road, to know that I have to break it, to get over it, to get rid of it. Straight ways only scary me to a point I almost can't describe with words. I feel powerless, useless, meaningless. I feel lost when my life gets easy, mapped out. This what happened to me the last months.

We stayed at the Quay West Suites Sydney, here the view on the bay from our window

View from the Quay West Suites Sydney, starring the both of us

An amazing wall art close to Chinatown

Walking around the harbour

Before changing drastically my life (I'll tell you about later :-) ) I went to Sydney, Australia for the first time. Here I'll share a few of the pictures with you!