Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2/15 Australia, Sydney

Hi everyone!

I'm back, half for myself, half because I must.
The last months of 2016 have been, I have to say, pretty messed up I have to say. Never in my life I have felt so lost, and paradoxically this was maybe due to the quantity of choices I had back then.
I am the kind of person who can't walk on a straight, worst, I'm the kind person who wouldn't be able to have the luxury or being able to freely decide on either to go let or right. Unfortunately I'm that kind of person who needs a wall, a big thick wall in the middle of my road, to know that I have to break it, to get over it, to get rid of it. Straight ways only scary me to a point I almost can't describe with words. I feel powerless, useless, meaningless. I feel lost when my life gets easy, mapped out. This what happened to me the last months.

We stayed at the Quay West Suites Sydney, here the view on the bay from our window

View from the Quay West Suites Sydney, starring the both of us

An amazing wall art close to Chinatown

Walking around the harbour

Before changing drastically my life (I'll tell you about later :-) ) I went to Sydney, Australia for the first time. Here I'll share a few of the pictures with you!

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