Sunday, November 30, 2014

12/1 Olaf and Olaf reunited : )

Wishing you a nice Winter season start!

I've met this awesome guy in Shibuya. Don't know how he came up with this costume (maybe he's the real Olaf), but this is too awesome not to be on a post : )

Stay warm!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

11/25 Japan Podcast Ep.21 @Waseda Univ.

Hi guys! ^_^

Hope you're finding your way to enjoy this tumultuous life and to seize each day of it.
Each day that ends is a day that is gone forever, only the memories will last.
So sometimes better bad memories than no memories at all, don't you think : )
Okay this have nothing to do with today's post :D

I've been invited to animate the Episode 21 of a great series of Podcasts about Japan, it was partly about living in Japan as a Muslim... But all the debate we had throughout the show were very interesting and stimulating!

Illustration by livingjapan

Great Thanks to the regular Hosts of the radio podcast:

Edgar Santiago Peláez Mazariegos
Brent Thomas
And the Lovely Motoi Takekawa

Aired on the campus of Waseda University. @Takadanobaba, Tokyo.

Indeed for those who remember, I used to be a student in Keio, which likes to say are the "best enemy", meaning perfect rival of Waseda. But I just think both can't life without each others. The classic love/hate Ying/Yang relationship. : )

Anyway, here's the link if you feel like listening to that Episode, or the others, or just listening to Frenglish, you may click on the links here under : )

Until then, with love