Tuesday, November 25, 2014

11/25 Japan Podcast Ep.21 @Waseda Univ.

Hi guys! ^_^

Hope you're finding your way to enjoy this tumultuous life and to seize each day of it.
Each day that ends is a day that is gone forever, only the memories will last.
So sometimes better bad memories than no memories at all, don't you think : )
Okay this have nothing to do with today's post :D

I've been invited to animate the Episode 21 of a great series of Podcasts about Japan, it was partly about living in Japan as a Muslim... But all the debate we had throughout the show were very interesting and stimulating!

Illustration by livingjapan

Great Thanks to the regular Hosts of the radio podcast:

Edgar Santiago Peláez Mazariegos
Brent Thomas
And the Lovely Motoi Takekawa

Aired on the campus of Waseda University. @Takadanobaba, Tokyo.

Indeed for those who remember, I used to be a student in Keio, which likes to say are the "best enemy", meaning perfect rival of Waseda. But I just think both can't life without each others. The classic love/hate Ying/Yang relationship. : )

Anyway, here's the link if you feel like listening to that Episode, or the others, or just listening to Frenglish, you may click on the links here under : )

Until then, with love


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