Tuesday, April 10, 2012

04/01 I bet that was the wind...

...or maybe not.

Ok this was neither the more likely-to-be-true explanation I had...

...nor than the most credible, but still this country is wicked afterall : ) 

For the record the little story is that I recently put my underwear on the balcony, and didn't found It back again (way before the taifu comes =) ). I thought that it might have been blown with the wind, but detective Conan (a friend of mine) just showed up and told me Happosai-sama was behind all this.
If only I had the pleasure to meet him that would have been worth tons of underwears =^)

One more time being in Japan allows you-by means of some slightly ''surprising'' experiences- to be deeply commited in living your otaku life.Cannot say that's a good thing 'tho. =)
No further explanations needed.

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