Wednesday, May 2, 2012

04/30 Let's die laughing =)

        The weather is going pretty bad lately, as well as the moods, jobs, relationships. Holidays are still uncertain, and so is the future. 

         But who cares?
         I guess we have to deal with it since complaining won't change a bit of it.

         So this morning I just took my bike, and under this torrential rain I had a blast alone cycling on the (as big as it can drown human beings) puddles.

        Thus to get a proper ending to my childish trip I binged on tons of Anko sweets, the highly-heavy-on-the-stomach delicious Japanese sweet red bean paste. In other words the shit that makes my stay here a heaven. 

         And as my mentor Mary Poppins said in ''a Spoonfull of Sugar'' (and the weather cant be worst than London) << You find the fun, and snap! The Job's a game! >> 

         Keep on raining Japan, turn the country a pool, I don't give a damn! ; )

Taken from my last apartment's window, minus the writings of course ; ).  

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