Sunday, March 9, 2014

3/05 Growing up...Because you've failed at.

"Alaska Airlines, shy are you so cold?"
Would have been the proper next line to say ;) 


  1. Hello Olfa! :-)
    So I've discovered your blog.
    Really enjoyed the drawings - some very funny ones.
    Not sure I understood this one though - did you know or recognise Hillary?
    Anyway it was nice finding you here in blogosphere.
    I'll visit again to catch up on your travels and picture anecdotes.
    Best wishes from a (summer) rainy day in South Africa.

    1. Hello Jacques!

      That's nice to hear from you again! How's everything going?
      Hope you're having loads of fun everyday :)

      Actually for this one I didn't know her, just read her name tag and thought about this play on word! But I'm not sure this is really "Hillary-Ous" ;)
      Thanks a lot for the comment, that good to have some feedbacks! :D

      May your days be many and your troubles be few!
      All the best,