Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11/08 Colombo, Sri Lanka.

( First I'll apologize for this post, but I'd just like people to remember I'm not a travel agency, I write my own experiences, so I'm for the worst or the best, everything but neutral... but I swear I'm usually nice : )  )

     How can we define the difference between The Surprising and The Unexpected? A few hours earlier I was asking myself the question, ridding a Tuk-tuk. Although at that time my concerns were referring to a complete different matter (Indeed at that moment I was asking myself: if an accident was to occur now whether it would be "surprising" or "unexpected"? ) this question got quickly to put in a nutshell my short but maybe already too long transit in the great city of Colombo.

     To solve my first question I got to the conclusion that an accident at that time would be definitely "surprising" even if the world himself may sound more suitable for a different use. Something unexpected goes out from the range of the realistic possibilities: it is a dinosaur crossing the road or the driver turning into a zombie. It's something you cannot consider as possible, something you cannot expect to happen even when you're meticulously envisaging the worst situation. Whereas a Surprise is just something you wasn't ready for at that T time (not Tea Time) something surely possible, but just breaking the habit of a You mentally withering.

French thinks too much, cliche one more time verified. Apologizes.

     Well trying to get back to duty I'd just say that Sri Lanka is a "Be ready for it" country, I wasn't the "I'm ready for it" girl. Diplomatically speaking, let's say I'll may be back one day, In a future life more likely.

    What do You think? Can we really say that we "Didn't liked" a country? I don't know why to me this feels so wrong (like KP kissing a girl, suuuch a stupid quote) Anyway I haven't been taught that, haven't been programmed for that. I  always used to be amazed by any tiny thing facing my eyes, as long, not even as long I should say moreover, if that was the unknown, the mysterious, the foreign, the different.
Obviously not always or not for always.

    I'm still waiting at the airport, so maybe I'm too hot from the oven to speak no evil as I should. Time always makes everything different. And unlike for our bodies, usually that's for the better.

     Contrary to what I may sound I'm not complaining, I had an extraordinary chance consisting in wonderful meetings beginning from the first five hours. I'm just somehow... sad. The day dream I was living about the Magical India I'll visit sometimes vanished in a glance today, bursting bubble of a flatulent  prospective. Well tell me Sri Lanka is not India, and tell me my short day in Colombo wasn't neither. Right. Perfectly right. But still, that's like seeing your supposed charming prince picking his nose and eatin its boogey on the first date.    

    I won't unpack the past already sent to the tremendous world of memories, no chest opening this time, but people who know me know that I'm not that kind of person you can easily tear down. So, yes, "gentle shit" happened  : D

     Thus, why the lovely pictures? Mostly for me to only remember the people who become important to me. Memory is incredibly selective, I advise you to give it a try . But also for you to enjoy reading, and finally simply in an already remorseful attempt to encourage you to give a chance to this country fascinating In so many aspects, 'cuz who am I after all?



A great and lovely family : )

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