Monday, October 8, 2012

10/08 Yeah, taking a 41 is a serious matter.

Hello there!

(Said the girl who was away for the past 2 months.)

"In Japan, taking a 41 is just impossible, 41 sized shoes doesn't exists just like doesn't exists bamboos forest in Egypt, dinosaurs in this 21th century or Landscape gardens on Mars"

("Err...Sumimasorry...why is it written 37 AND XL inside the shoes?....Ah because that is the same thing?...Well.... )

"So I find myself wearing THIS for almost 3 months"

(for weddings, funerals, interviews...Yepee-we-dont-care)
(Sole disappeared halfway)

so very perfectly UGLY mother of ugliness

So, once back to France .....

"In 2 weeks..."
"...20 pairs of shoes"
(16 drawn, 4 too shy to appear on the picture)

"And to my friends accompanying me shopping I gently said"

("I have the right to 23 KG of luggages Which I can use AS I WANNNNNNT (get the hell out of my face)")

"-Have you seen, she just neglected us, beloved blog readers, for almost 2 months and then she comes up with a 'Hello there'!
-That's not the worst, she have been travelling  she's saying that plenty of things happened into her life but she's sharing a sketch about shoes...
-How pitiful!

       Those would be some remarks I'd deserve to be said! :D

       That have been a long time indeed, and for real so many things happened. And as I always say I'll let you know the whoooole details, but this time that's for real, I make the promise: I won't escape anymore.
      So I just posted this drawing (to keep you posted haha :D) as a way to say: I'm back~! Tadaima !! as they would say here.
       I am back to work, back to strange beautifulaswellascreepy weather, to half dead drunk people on the streets, unbelievably illogical but sometimes funny rules, back to "normal".

     I Just post this to make you keep patient until I can introduce you "a better me" (throughout posts of course, there is no real "better me" : ) ) posts that I'll share with you soon enough I hope!

       This little story (the drawing up) relates one of my last days in France.
When packing and thinking of  what I'll need once I'll be back.
The answer was quite obvious to me: 41 sized shoes and EXCLUSIVELY this.

       I was finally about to take my revenge on this Japanese society were even Devil puts on a 38.

I decided then: shoes were gonna be the VIP travellers of my next suitcase, business class and champagne on board. I guess I just didn't knew where and when to stop this awkward shoes-fixation...

       So this is, indeed, just a casual way to say Hello, I am back. So please, stay Tuned!

       (By the way I dedicate this quite humble drawing to my bro Dhia, which was the first one seeing reading it, opening my sketchbook he said so-very lackadaisical: " Yeah. Ok. That's funny" Dhia's seal of Approval. Priceless. ; ) Dry wit guys are gonna rule the world, I can tell. )


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