Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10/19 It's raining otoko

Here is another "Shoes Story".
 (Gosh I might be sick...)

This is one strip I draw while ago, when it was shinning EVERYSINGLEDAY without any exception.
I went to buy shoes in a store, when I ran into a clerk who asked me If I would like to pay the equivalent fee of thoses shoes (I was buying) to make it waterproof .
(Only thanks to a spray I must say...)

I just laughed at him so loud saying it haven't been raining for a while, 
which was truely true.
(That was back in summer and even now, october 24th the weather remains curiously great)

This (sorcerer disguised in) man just told me this :
"Yeah but you never know, It can begin in no time, 
and your shoes are Buckskinned, that would be such a pity"...

3 minutes after I had left the shop It began raining as Hell (if such things could possibly occur)

So, now I am sure, Japanese sellers have this ''extra skills'' to make you do or buy things, 
and some more extras to punish you, if you dare do not.

(The real tragedy in this story is:
After two days with those shoes I realised I have been too much enthousiastic about the size...
Unfortunately meaning what it means, they are faaaaar right now...)

Rainy Kisses



  1. Coucou !

    J'ai trouvé l'adresse de ton blog sur le site de Paris 3, je suis actuellement en troisième année de licence et j'aimerais partir au Japon l'année prochaine avec la fac. Alors j'aimerais bien connaître ton avis ou des combines.. enfin si tu as des informations sympas à partager je t'en serais reconnaissante >_< ! Je trouve tes dessins supers marrants et j'aime bien lire ton blog :)
    Je te laisse mon mail si tu as envie (attention c'était mon adresse de kikou japan maniac quand j'avais 14 ans..)

    Voilà merci d'avoir lu mon commentaire en tout cas :)

    Ja ne !


  2. Lucille, bonjour et merci!
    Je t'ai repondu en MP! ;)

    Merci pour ton commentaire!