Monday, November 12, 2012

10/30 Poems published!

Hello Guys,

              Recently we got a pretty much big  news for us. The poems that I am translating from Japanese to French are gonna be published in France in January! That's in fact not a big deal as it is not my poems but still, being my translations, very 間接に (indirectly) that's also somehow my first book.
                  I was really glad for my friend (who is also the one who lends me this cool apartement in Shibuya, so we're pretty close and we both pretty owe ourselves a lot).
That makes me also think again of a very close friend of mines (he will recognize himself for sure :) ) advising me to publish my own books. So I already have connections? Maybe not (just) that, maybe more I've got this proof that ''will'' can concretely turn out into something real.
Anyway we're working 一生懸命 on our baby now! Wish me luck!


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