Sunday, March 31, 2013

04/01 優柔不断春 Indecisive Spring : )

I didn't took pictures of the Spring this year, but It occurred indeed.
 Oh, wait I'm not really sure...
It's still coming and leaving, leaving us with the hope it may come and stay.

If not forever at least enough for us to feel it,
taste it,
learn how to remember it
and help us making it through the winter,
 until he, beloved, comes back again.

Spring is every year such a tragico-romantic love story.

With warm love offsetting this skinflint Spring.


And when Spring comes in Japan, you have one thing that adds to the Weather forecast, and which is the "Sakura Weather Forecast".

"Tomorrow the country is going to turn Pink from the North of Gunma to..."
Quite awesome one have to say. :-)





  1. Yet the tranquility comes with the breeze of spring. She deserved it and finally got it. Showering the flower petals the girl raised her hand.

    At least when spring comes they roar back again. He never get old, but we are...

    But what important is to live forever for the moment. Evergreen and everlasting. Because every second we spend angry or upset is a second of happiness we can never get back.

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