Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10 / 8 Do-ra-hais-mon

Just random pictures to close a chapter.
Probably, certainly.
You know guys when you're reading a book and you finish an act, a scene, and so you have this blank page with a weird illustration that's linked to nothing? This post might be that.
It's out of the blue, just like Doraemon is :)
What I like with pictures is that they're never exactly representing the present, even with the newest technologies ever, a picture is, especially because it's a picture, a "past", a "before", a something else. That's never you anymore, how quick you show it, that's already a reverse shot. Like in the movies. As soon as you can see your picture taken, that's not you anymore. As soon as you discover what you look like, it suddenly becomes erroneous to assume that it is you.
The only chance you have to know yourself, is to understand that you'll never be able to get nothing but the exact opposite, the exact reversed image, the exact Yang or your Ying, it will make the European realise they're African all of a sudden, just like the kid realises one day he is that other "old men" he saw in front of him all his life.

So if life is a reversed mechanics, let's get clever through silliness. And let's do mistakes so we can ask for forgiveness.

This picture is, by the way, the first time in my life a Kid asks me to take a picture together... 
I still don't why she wanted that so much. 

The search of identity is a madness that will make us miss the spotlights when we wanna sleep, and miss the abyss when we need to breath. 
What illustration for this post would fit better that a non-sense mise-en-scene which we can understand, but actually not that much...

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