Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9 / 9 ここスゴ2巻目! Koko Sugo 2nd Edition Released on Amazon!

Hi guys!
This is Olfa! How's everything going?

Here under is...
The 2nd Edition of Koko Sugo 2!
It has been finished this week! So glad, it will be on Amazon Japan soon :)  (Sorry, as for the first one, only the Japanese version is available :P )
Just under the 2. A reminder to what the 1 looked like!

So here's a link to the 1st one's post (the Blog):

And....(Drums roll)

A world exclusive....The  (almost definitive)
 cover of Koko Sugo 3rd Edition! Yeepee! I'm sure you're looking forward to seeing it on sales!
(I said "to seeing it on sales" and not "to buying it". See how much I know ya all guys? lol)

As in the first one, articles, pictures and a bunch of Illustrations!
Hope people are gonna like it :)

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