Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12/22 I love Hiyoshi...this much !

Recently I've been involved in some Pokemon-ish fights with a bunch of Hiyoshi's "Grand mothers" (Randomsお婆ちゃん). That's each time really epic! (Beware I'm serious!!)
In fact that begun as soon as I arrived in Hiyoshi last year, at that time this grandma's "friendliness" have been as far as getting strongly welcomed (kindnapped) in a retirement home (which was awesome by the way, but we're depicting a frightenning story so let's keep it scary ; ) )

They have a great strategy which is feeding you with delicious cakes when you ask them a question and begining asking you questions of their own without replying to what you asked first. That is so mean and...terrific.
If you need an information, like if you're lost in the subway take good care if you ask a "very cuuute" Japanese old women, they have all this secret plan of catching all the Gaijins in their Pokeballs... : D

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