Saturday, October 19, 2013

10/20 200th POST! Pakistani Boy Wishing you a great Special day on my behalf.

Happy Eid Everyone!                 عيد مبارك وكل عام وأنتم بخير 

Drawing of a Pakistani Young Boy I met during the Eid.
Hope you had a great one for the ones concerned : ) For the others I hope you had a great day anyways. And having a so called "regular" good day ain't a piece of cake one must say...

I know guys I haven't been writing much recently, either posting raw sketches, or allowing myself to think that only writing would make it sufficient... This made the whole pretty tasteless didn't it? I'm "confessing" this lazy tendency myself, I used confessing although I didn't specially meant to match or reinforce any spiritual atmosphere here lol.

For that I promise to be put more black in my white and black in my white, more sugar in my coffee and more Soy sauce over my sick-white Rice :-) I'll get back to this funny person I used to be, I've just lost her contact (I hope she didn't flew to Argentina ;) ).


Ohohoh! (No, This wasn't Santa speaking :) ) I've just realized that:
This was my.... 200th POST! So.... Happy 200! Thank you for keeping posted! Even if you're quite silent guys, you should comment on more, saying you hated the drawings or not,  that my English really sucks (Free english lessons Yeay!) That you don't like war, or that you're hungry lol.

It feels lonely like Akon here :D

Haha, Thank you Anyways : )


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