Thursday, December 5, 2013

12/1 Far from Fame, Filled with Blame.

Excuse me.

Of what.

No, nothing, just to say. Just in case.

In case of what.

My head's too heavy, I guess.

Too heavy on my shoulders, I won't be able to bear that much longer.
Not heavy with knowledge, sadly.
Not filled with intelligence I'm afraid. Rather with Guilt.

But Guilt is good, at least that stands for... Experience.

At least that stands for...Sacrifice, sometimes.

Well, I'm not sure God would agree to let me this one, this time.

My only feeling? "That's anyway too late"
Or something alike.

A Bell ringing that no Bell would ever ring anymore.


This is the main and only difference between now and before, the hell-fuck-screwthemall is the same,

Same amount of Spices and Salt. I just don't like this taste anymore.

I just don't wanna fight for myself anymore.

This horrible bitterness the lack of courage leaves on the tongue.

The same despicable feeling with a different ME in front.

Not that I don't wanna run away anymore, rather that I can't run away anymore.

As this time I would have to run away from myself.

And the impossibility this idea involves makes me wanna puke my heart.

Let me cut myself into two, Sir. There's a part of me I don't wanna meet no more.

An all-over fingerprinted-part of me, people marked like they would have done with fresh concrete.

It's too hard but too late now.

I've tried to clean,
To delete,


Let me tell you,
Let me tell you one thing, Sir.

Let me tell you.
Life is better with no words.

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