Wednesday, December 18, 2013

18 / 12 Holidays, If I may?

A normal introspection when asking for holidays in Japan...

This is a drawing I've made for my last holidays, I needed to ask for a 1 week off the next month.
I was so freaking out it would be turned down (and I  have reasons to, I have this bad habit to book my flight tickets BEFORE asking for my holidays), anyway I was so freaking out that instead of asking for "a week in one month" I did asked for "a month in one week"...

(You see then LawwwLing)

This makes me now remember when I said to my Boss last time "Hey, I need to go to the Emirates on Monday" and he started this long discussion, like "But we need you here, why all of a sudden?" And after 15 minutes I was like "Embassy, Oh did I forget to say "Embassy?" Yes I'm going after work, I won't miss anything."

I think my Boss is always wondering if I'm crazy or If I just fancy pulling people's legs around.

Well, This time (Yesterday) I really did asked for a full month OFF. See the trip? Same situation without the end : ) I was wondering If I should just remove the last square and post it again : ). But I'm really sure I'll have a reason to draw this surely upcoming new funny situation that awaits me somewhere before I'm off work. I don't know why destiny always gives me the hell of a "fantastic adventure" I have to deal with each time I decide to take holidays : )

Most of the times that consists in blood, more blood and hospital grand tours :D
Hope destiny is going to be nicer with me this time!


Hum. okay stupid play on words....

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