Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 1/1 H-ere we go again-APPY NEW YEAR.


Is something I hate to say,
Come on, who knows it's gonna be good? 
That's only the very first beginning.
But yeah, we should underline some of our life events,
so the soup can become bortsch.
If only the mere action of "wishing" could make it "happening".

Um, it always sounds to me like a "Hey destiny, look how confident we are about the future, come on, you can't deceive us, you can't let down all this positiveness right?"
Ain't it a "Prêcher le faux pour savoir le vrai?".

It sounds as gambling on our own destiny,
It sounds like a enthusiastic Horse racing.
Speaking of Horse racing, good thing, this year is the one guys.

The Horse Year (tadam), might be the best time to start trusting that 
betting on yourself could be good.
I should give it a try sometimes.

Here's some of the traditional 年賀状we use to send for new year, 
as always there's some classics, quickly overstepped  by non-sense ones (including more motor bikes than horses....)
But wait "Horse power" is as a matter of fact made for overtaking, right?

With Love, from under and above : )

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