Thursday, January 23, 2014

24/1 I have to get myself a TV.

This morning I had a show in a Comedy program called  Hanamaru Market はなまるマーケット on TBS. Of course I know what It's all about but this time was especially funny because It commemorates the one year anniversary of me saying "I have to buy myself a TV, but don't worry I'll watch the next one!"  Here you see I'm procrastinating even with leisure activities...

This reminded me the last TBS broadcasting, where they just presented as "live" a 6 months old video...Thus everyone I've met for one month asked me how come I "never feel cold!".

T_T Obviously when you see this in December you have the right to wonder...

Indeed I'm wearing a tank top. But that as summer at that time I swear :)

And yeah, merry 1 year without TV to myself. Come to think of it, I'm not sure I need to find another reason to waste my time finally :)

( To watch the Show : )

This a picture I got from a friend today, still no idea what the whole thing looked like, but still...

I was actually in a pretty bad shape that day that I had to go to the pharmacy half way, not sure people noticed that but I'll be happy if they didn't (Vandame mode ON) =D

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