Sunday, April 27, 2014

4/27 Trash us, bleach us, replay us.

We're just colours, and no one will miss us.

We're just matter, a matter of time, and  in time we'll disappear.

In time the world will miss our colours,

But without feelings.

Neither for Mister nor Miss.

Just Maths, as a matter of fact,

Just a subtraction.

The same world minus our actions.

plus, more, more, less,

That same world, without your kindness.

Oscillating like the earthquake's needle,

Like the beating of your heart,

Like "Hot and Cold" livings.

Like "Yes and No" Sayings, "With and Without" breathings.

In this world, just as like as Out.

People didn't die,  they've just moved out,
From this tremendous life to one other's Night.

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