Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4/30 This life we (all) get to live...


...At some point. Whether you like it or not. Unless if you're perfect, and if you're perfect you're not really human. I mean, if you're perfect your destiny is like a straight line, unchanging, with no surprises, no choices to make, neither hard times nor mistakes to make you stronger, no flaws to make you reconsider yourself , to give you empathy when dealing with others. Nothing that would make fighting for yourself worth it.
So you better not.
Be messy, Be rough, and when you'll earn all the good this will teach you, kick off this life and get awesome.  But always cut yourself some slack, always allow yourself to remain who you are somewhere.


  1. Being awesome, being able to kiss life is not something you can truly control. It's either part of who you are ... or it's not. You're awesome :)

  2. And you're even greater. Who ever you are you can at least be sure of that. Who ever we all, there's always those times during which we're not sure whether we're blessed or doomed. We're all so lost in this small nothing-but-everything planet. I'm just not sure whether we feel lost because we're looking for something, so the blessing would be ahead of us, because the future promises us better; or If we're lost because our inner selves realize there's nothings more ahead to wait for, to get committed for, to trust in.
    Thank you for conveying feelings in all that mess, thank you for making the difference between the existence and the probability, thanks you for creating limits to shapes, to feelings and for giving your own value to it. Thank you for those as immaterial as concrete transmission of feelings we call words.