Wednesday, May 14, 2014

05 / 01 Looking for your own footprints.

Hi guys,

How have been things going recently?
No one got lost anywhere? Although I'm not sure this world as a-land- ever needed the word "lost".
Come on, how could one be "lost" in a world with Boundaries, with Gravity, with Physics.

You can be lost in the Space,
You can also, I would say, be lost in the abysses, too.
I would agree to that.

But, be lost on dry land, be lost on Terra Firma, be lost on the face of the Earth...
Erm, let me express some doubts, raise reserves, (natural ones?) Sir.

This being the exact reason why I do not freak out where ever the hell I "land". (erm, haha)
But maybe also the reason why this happens to me that much.

Which much love wherever on this small earth you are.


Riding the train back home LVL "Stupid-myself"
What your GPS says about your position?....

...Maybe that you've been going 9000 km in the wrong direction!
(kind of...)

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  1. Hi hope you made it back safely Olfa.... sometimes we need some space to think (with boundaries), with no people around and maybe that's what the universe decided to give you ;-). 9000km's!? How long did THAT take? :-D