Wednesday, June 10, 2015

06/08 One more year! 29 Springs :)

To the 286 people from whom I've received Birthday mails and messages in 8 languages, during 3 days (thanks to the time difference -partly-) from France, Great-Britain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, The Philippines, Taiwan, China, Hong-Kong, Palestine, Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Turkey, The United States, Mexico, Canada, Amsterdam, Australia, New Caledonia, Tahiti and Hawaii. 

You're that very nice gravity that helps me keep my feet on the ground sometimes and fly some other times. You're sometimes pure oxygen as well as laughing gas. You're just so cool.
This year I've not only grown up once but Three times. I'm on the last year of my 20's, I've became (twice in a row!) an aunt for my birthday, and I'll be moving to Dubai at the end of the summer. And as much as those changes can sound radical I can say I'm very happy to grow up, luck is luck as soon as you decide to call it that way yourself. Don't let your happiness be the bastard of your feeling because you don't wanna name it. Acknowledge every single moment of happiness, or luck God, life, nature gave you, At least that's what I've setting my heart on from now!
So, to all of you, in all your effing beautiful languages: 


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