Tuesday, January 31, 2012

01/22 Tips

Yesterday I once again looked so fucking weird in the subway...

      Yesterday I got on well with some clients at my baito, on one ordinary "kinda busy" evening.
At the end they left me 1000 yen with a little "Shiken Faito" (Good luck for your studies) note. That was so damn cute and I felt almost proportionally bad about that, I did nothing for them, wasn't even assigned to their table. They just randomly catch the ''me in duty'' to have a brief drunk-to-non drunk tchat (joke). But anyway I felt I didn't deserve this money, so the feeling was really awkward.
I really hate having much more money that I need but moreover I hate having money I do not deserve. Anyway I think I should just stop thinking and rather just thank them. So, to the random nice and every time so entertaining clients: Thank you!


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