Tuesday, April 9, 2013

04/08 Overflowing degustations

The day I decided to stop shopping...

    Seriously, do one really "needs" to buy food in Japan? Everything is free everywhere.
Mother of marketing.

    And if above all you're like me, not so-very picky about what you eat, you won't ever go to a grocery shop again (I do love to exaggerate but still I have to render the feeling!).
Each morning I'm passing through a big station (euphemism, that might be one of the biggest in the world ) and beside the tissues I'm sure to get each 10 meters, I can also get chocolate in front of the Lindt store, Energy drinks on the south exit of the station, candies on the north one and coffee cans if before the morning rush. Straight into your hands...Don't even have to bother shopping!

Keep up the marketing Japan!


Halfway edit!
          Just to prove I'm not making up stories, this is what I got again at the station this morning.
Do they really need glass bottle for advertising? Not sure this was worth, but anyway the drink was Really good. And, as one can expect the add inside was a "manga" :) +1 for this morning !

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