Tuesday, April 30, 2013

04/10 Japanese TV (ZIP)

at ZIP

Japan is the One and Only country were you go on TV because your "special talent" is being....foreigner.

Here are some pictures from the last TV appearance we did, I forgot to share it :)
The link for the video under is just a very short part of the emission. A friend managed to upload the whole but it unfortunately somehow fell into the cracks...
(I just realized I look so pissed off there! But that wasn't my feeling at all I swear : ))

That day we had to speak about Japanese sweets.
In order to do so, the TV crew just got us a whole Candy shop (the "normal" one yes...)
reserved for us only, so we could shop and then taste what ever we felt like...!

You know, this situation you dreamt of all your childhood : )

(You can slightly see the shop in question in the next picture's background).

Sweetly yours!


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