Tuesday, May 7, 2013

05/01 Bike fixed!

       For all those who sere still wondering, I finally get my bike fixed ("Tokyo Hands" bicycle repairing section is to ban by the way!)
So I went to this second place, which is like one of the most hype in Shibuya and though that would cost me an arm as they say.
       I've been told 3000 yens (~30 euros). Ok, fine, let's go for it, expensive but that must be done! Did I thought.

Thus for which ever reason, as I always get super excited when it comes to see my bike turned into pieces to get repaired (I use to feel the exact same when bringing my previous motorbike to the garage...mmm) So I just stayed with them when they began dismounting it.

Thus naturally the conversation started between the three of us, me and the two bicycle "mechanics" (Is it mechanics when it comes to bicycles? Anyway ^^)

At the end, what happened finally is that when I had to pay they insisted for taking only 280 yens (2.80 euros) smiling and saying I was now their "sister".

Guess this long await and those fails trying to fix it somewhere else where blessing in disguise.

Adding some moral to this story (indeed I do love to see a moral in everything ^^) we could say that everything do comes (with friends and a big discount) to he who wait. :)

(Or simply "Be happy procrastinators!...>w<")

Bye bye!

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