Sunday, April 28, 2013

04/29 Best Karaoke Ever!

Hey hey that's me agaiiiin!
(Only me here, feels lonely sometimes :D)

Have you ever seen this before?
Does the picture here under rings a (visual) bell?

Hum, of course that's not Bangkok! Grrr
That's a Karaoke in 新宿 Shinjuku
 (東出口 Est exit right close to the 歌舞伎町Kabukicho entrance)
(Who said right close to Hell? ^p^)

But you do have to raise you heads to see it...
 (And when you do you'll...."Ohhhh!" haha ^___^)

One more thing, the stars shining in the sky goes along with the mention 
"Non contractual Pictures, may differ from actual products" :D

That's just "Imposssiburu" to see such stars in the sky in the middle of Tokyo....sadly! Y___Y

Anyway this is just a quiiiick rough I got to draw of this Karaoke,
 which deserved to be honored at least once!

We've reached the [Ksss...Mission is over] mode.

Until the next one >3<

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