Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/12 A Belgian waffles with your Sushis?

Rafeyte, a Belgo-Tunisian friend came to visit from her Dubai base. A short summary of her trip : )

    Rafeyte is a friend that definitely needs to be featured on this blog, first because she has actually already been, second because she is someone who followed my life (or did I follow her's?) for a very long time. And destiny has been reuniting us no matter our choices in life and the personal and professional paths we choose for ourselves. She first hosted me in her place in Brussels even if I didn't know her at all.

That was probably 8 years ago. Then we've met in Carthage (Tunisia), in Paris and Brittany (France), in Jerusalem, Nablus Bethlehem (Palestine), in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), in Tokyo (Japan) without even traveling together or even living in the same country. Destiny is something you just can't control, just enjoy its vagaries :).

  Rafeyte is now in Dubai, working for Emirates, and I know If I go to Lebanon, Omar, Iran or Jordan I'll be crossing her path again. She doesn't know but she's the inspirational woman of my life. : )

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