Thursday, January 1, 2015

1/1 Happy Sheep Year Guys :-) アケオメ☆

HAPPY NEW YEAR, All the best for this 2015!

     May your year be filled with success, -or failure- because it will lead you to success anyway.
May your year be anything and everything but normal, dull, according to expectations.

   I'm sure that "A bad experience is better than no experience at all" are words of truth, I'm sure that life doesn't come without pain, for the mere reason it helps us feel it, enjoy it more, understand its value.

   Don't we like to have a sweet dessert with our coffee? We do to the extend that some of us will gradually forget about the dessert and have only a coffee, isn't it?

   To me it doesn't matter whether your life's bitterness or sweetness is prevailing, just live it, like it, enjoy it and find reasons to laugh because every single time you can. Because this new year too, life doesn't care about your resolutions, it's just giving you the same old challenge. This year like the past one, your only true mission is going to be: To make yourself happy! (And believe me, that is not a piece of cake (even with coffee ;) ))

So, ready? :-)


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