Saturday, February 25, 2012

02/22 Stabber in Shibuya (渋谷の刺殺者)

''How dare can you take a poor old woman for a criminal?'' That's what she (may have) said : )

I think that everybody heard of it today, or everybody should have due to the amount of jokes we made about it in less than two days. 

      So this story happened on wednesday, a day we, very innocently, planned to go watch Berserk on theaters. Berserk is basically a anime full of murders, epic swords battles, and blood...But we were  completely wrong thinking this might somehow be better or fancier than real life...At least than Japan's real life.

       Indeed, back in Shibuya around 4.30pm we had to cross a station full of policemen, cameraman, curious spectators, secured perimeter, helicopter in the sky and every other ingredient a real crime scene needs.  Genius. 
        Even the dew pond of blood on the ground was there, saying ''Hi'' widely trickling down from under a large blue tarpaulin. 

Yeay, one should say. But THAT was not amazing, what really was is the news we got further :

       Guess who got stabbed 5 times by a 13 centimeters knife? A 60 years old Japanese grandma! And guess who's the mother fucking fearless Yakuza that cold-bloodedly stabbed her? A mother fuckin' 70 years old second grand ma...!
        And guess what was the reason invoked to justify it? "60's supposed to have frown at 70's". 
Da Hell.
Even in the sick suburb I grew up in you can give somebody filthy looks and get through with less damages...

       Okay this was way too much for my brain, actually this was too much for all our brains. That's why that became, and still is, THE running joke of the week.

        Referring to a previous article I posted about Japanese grandmas I guess I'm changing my mind, their dream is not ''gotta catch them all'' that's maybe far less cute...

From the ageless capital of the world's funniest psychopath,


So due to the amount of jokes that have been made to try to explain the real reason of this grandma stabbing her ''fellow mankind'' (sts: old creature) with no apparent reason I'm offering a game, Just comment the post by giving a possible (or completely crazy just as what happened) reason justifying this grandma's action and I'll try to illustrate it in a funny way and post it =)

Take care...really =)

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