Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I don't give a damn about my body Part 1

March 2011

The "Oh that used to be my leg" girl got to be hit by a car again in Japan, the country of safety, for the second time. Let say she just runs in front of it to seem more realistic.

 This is a picture of what I looked like after leaving the hospital, but actually I drew this quite a long time after the accident, because right after the accident I just thought my wounds were not such a big deal and took a plane for Korea on the next day!

What I didn't know was that my knee's bone was totally f***ed up, thing I maybe didn't understand from Akira sama the doctor who healed me, or maybe thing that he didn't tell me.

Anyway ("Carthésienne que je suis") I thought my knee was just unfolding because of the stitches, but in fact the rotation axis was literally flattened, so unusable.

So what I got from forcing my knee to fold up, was tearing up my brand new stitches and crackling my knee bone in two different places.
So this picture is what I looked like one month after the first shock.

The funny part of it is that I got this right before the big earthquake of may 2011.
And so when I got back from Korea with my backpack, the day right after the big earthquake ( lucky not? ;) ), when I was walking, wounded, around Tokyo heading home at night with my bag, a lot of people got to think I was just back from Sendai or Fukushima and asked me about that!

Haha life is full of funny coincidences! : )

 This is the X ray of my chest, head & shoulders (like the brand haha) @ motosumiyoshi hospital. By the way I still owe them near 1000 € (11000 yen) I think I gonna go to prison while getting back to Japan, If I'll do so that would for sure be loads of fun, so I'll let you updated, be sure ;)

I wasn't expecting to have this 2 days accomodation the accident's eve but all was great, and at least we can say: interesting to experience ;)

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