Tuesday, November 8, 2011

10/11 Japon: Tokyo, Keio Univ Mita campus 慶應義塾大学三田キャンパス。

Lecture at Mita campus. Karuizawa sensei. About ''Mutiethnic Japan''.

         Today we had a lecture about minorities in Japan, held by Karuizawa 先生 who you can see in the sketch just above. The topic was pretty interesting to me because of dealing with the question of minorities, and as some (all?) of you may know I'm part of it. I'm part of it here in Japan but as well as in my own country .
And asking Japan about its Minorities is a very tricky question. Japan always appears as a so uniform country that being part of a community have a taste of being part of a mafia to me. Like a deaf communitarianism barely audible but completely present.

Back in France I always felt somehow bad about being ''different'' but going on travelling I began to slowly feel lucky being part of a communauty that makes me experience something different, that makes me stand out in the crowd.

Very strangely I feel less ''stranger'' In a country where I have to queue for hours at the immigration office, than in the country written after ''nationality'' on my ID card. I think the only thing is not to live in denial and realize what you really are, whatever it takes you to recognize yourself.
Well, this is quite a personal opinion for a personal issue, but I just felt like randomly sharing it...

At the back of the sketch surface you can see a blue drawing appearing by transparency. This was actually a stupid ball pen rough of what I'd like to cook for Mita no Ie next week, Couscous, Brick and Kneffeh. I'll upload pics for you to see if it worked out, If not I'll upload more pictures for you to pull my leg ;)

Ending about this drawing I feel bad hiding the accurate truth to you more, this lecture was deadly boring. Although the topic is, as I said before, plenty of interest.
At least the course is giving us the luxury to go about our own bussiness during class ;)

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