Wednesday, November 30, 2011

11/24 From Kyoto With Love.

        This past week end we've been to Kyoto, right after the Mita-sai 三田際 (Our school festival, which is by the way supposed to be the biggest in Japan...''Supposed''. This year was the 53rd, so 3years after the 150th anniversary of Keio University.).
         So we've been there to enjoy the last days of Koyo 紅葉 which means Red leaves in Japanese (as well as Momiji もみじ (written the same way in Kanji) does).
       The weather was very very cold although we really had a great time.
       The ones who have been involved with me in some of my previous Kyoto-Fails (I decided to renamed this sad events of my personal past history this way) would probably understand how high the stake was for me to go there.
       Indeed I've never succeed in the past to have a ''normal'' trip there. The last attempt of trying to go see  Kyoto I can remember was during the summer 2010, when as soon as I arrived to the station, around 10pm, I realized my leg was twice its normal size, and before I reached our guest house It was already blueish, and I couldn't walk no more, stopping me even from having a dinner outside. Thus I had to go back to Tokyo limping with my back-pack on the morning of the next day...

     But whatever, this trip really worth it.
     So here is some picture I took over there, with my new camera just before I knocked it off the stairs then walked on it unintentionally, just one hour before taking the night bus back to Tokyo.
     Yeah I know I sound pretty much as a disaster girl but at that time we were all pretty much fucked up and we all got extremely stupid, sitting in the roof of the station. At that same moment Olivier was deleting -also accidentally- all his pictures of the trip...But this whole bunch of crap is an other story. ; )

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