Wednesday, November 16, 2011

17/11 Dinner at Kenta's

Yesterday I ate dinner at my friends place. That was a very sudden and lovely invitation.
I had a very long restless day and I've been chatting with him all day long waiting for the day to end. Then back home around 10pm, while keeping on sendings texts we decided to have dinner together in spite of the late time.
So I've been one station away from home which is called Tsunashima 綱島. And once there, as we do each time we meet, we had a fantastic time together laughing and looking for the last episode of Tom and Jerry on Youtube.
The strip below is something he told me while we were walking home and I found it so funny, and nice. (As always? the facts are a little bit modified) Indeed we didn't ended in a suchi restaurant as the joke tells, but he prepared me my first Monjayaki. : 9

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