Monday, June 25, 2012

06/17 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2 days in Malaysia, in the middle of a busy properly-Japanese week,

can make your soul go one step further.



First morning, 6am in Shah Alam's park.

Highly nice Malaysians girls.

Baby monkey comes to meet us.

Monkeys ''farwelling'' us.

Leaving the Monkeys.

Shah Alam's park.
Cellphone's pic. Apologizes
Entereing I city, me Abi & Yin.

I city. Amar (Abi), Dhirar (Yin) and my Hannah.

All together...

Babies fireworks!

Durians place.

Drinking Water in a Durian, last step of the ''Durian Eperience''

Empty Durians

In the Tree House  with Hannah Hidayat

Shah Alam's blue Mosque, as viewed from the Hidayat place's roof. 

Lake in the jungle.

Chimpanze going through the bridge.

again and again...

Discovering the Tree House...

...Surrounded by an awesome second lake.

: )

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