Wednesday, June 20, 2012

06/17  流行 ''Parisish'' Tokyoits ; )

''A table for two'' They entered saying.

''Yes......Yes! Hell.... YEAH you guys are so cool'' Was I about to reply back.

But hold on, you're working, keep it right and serious with a normal ''Kashikomarimashita'' along with a big smile if you feel like to. (Olfa's inner thoughts :))

Customers in the restaurant I'm working in (in Iidabashi).
The restaurant supposed to be ''Oshare'' (more or less elegant) the customer are following the wave too...

Tokyoits. 流石...

Tell me about Paris, New york, London, Beyrouth(<3 ;)).

Tokyo have a strength, It have no rule. The fashion there is up to everyone, completely free of social boundaries, others people judgments, limits...

And as well as It can be crazy and outrageous, it could be deliciously well thought and simple: those guys are genius.

Keep it up guys, the rest of the world have nothing to envy you. =)

(From the geek in pajama who should rather change her style too...)

Olfa : )

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