Monday, June 25, 2012

06/18 Air Asia, and the adventure never ends.

        This is gonna be my second post about Air Asia, from the time I first heard that name my life has been fulfilled with (good/bad/surprising) adventures. But people who knows me knows that I do not really care whether it is good or bad, easy or grueling, as long as it is adventure, as long as it ain't the everyday jam as long as it it not the banal vacuity of the unchanging. (and they'll also may know air asia is load of laughs : ) )
Well, we'll keep on going.

       The first time ever I booked a flight with them (as you might have read before, or you might read now here or here) a shinny day of august, 9th 2011 when a 48 hours unexpected flight delay made a bunch of alone backpackers become also unexpectedly best buddies ever.

       This time's post is gonna be less critical, sentimental nor emotional. Well, let's keep it "Low as the paquerettes" as my high school teacher would say. Air Asia can be late, can be cheap, low cost, provide no food, chairs designed for dwarfs, no water, no blankets, no earphones, have no Tv screens and no radio and even no English indications for the short distances flights, they'll still have the HOTTEST CREW EVER. Especially when departing from Kuala Lumpur or Tokyo. Seriously, for example have you guys ever seen any another airline allowing their very long haired stewardess letting their hair down without tying it? : )

Some of the stewardess from the D7522

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